The Academy requires all sixth form students to attend in full uniform. We encourage all students to wear their uniform with pride both within the Academy and when they are about in the local community.

Sixth Form students are required to wear:

Skirt or trousers: black business style (skirts should be of a modest length - closer to the knee rather than mid-thigh).

Shirt: white/plain style with top button

Blazer: black business style (not suede or leather), with lapels

Tie: sixth form design - available from the Academy

Shoes: black business style (pumps/trainers/casual shoes are not acceptable)

Optional items

Sweater: black plain V-necked (sixth form tie must be visible)

Tights: black/plain

Shalwar and Kameez: black - worn with shirt, tie and blazer.

Piercings, Tattoos and Hair Colour

Students are allowed to wear stud earrings.

Other piercings (e.g nose) are not permitted.

Tattoos should not be visible.

Hair colour should be appropriate for a business environment.

It is expected that the above uniform is worn correctly at all times.