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Welcome to the Enterprise Faculty curriculum area, which includes the subjects Computing, ICT,  Business Studies and Economics.

Curriculum Intent:

The Enterprise curriculum is intended to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which encourages students to be excellent in what they do, and to develop into successful independent learners who are inquisitive and curious, and have a thirst for learning. Teachers in the Enterprise faculty are expected to be masters of their subject/s so that their extensive knowledge can be effectively transferred to students. 

“To enable all our learners to be excellent in what they do, by providing a broad and balanced curriculum that is accessible and challenging for all”

Curriculum Implementation:

Interleaving and spaced practice are embedded into schemes for learning so that students encounter subject content multiple times so that recall and recognition becomes natural to allow students to master subject content. Subject content is delivered in small, manageable chunks so not to overload students’ working memory. All students should demonstrate extensive, successful, independent practice in order for skills and knowledge to become automatic. 

Pre-assessment will be built into schemes for learning to frequently check student knowledge and embed automatic recall into student learning. Knowledge organisers will be embedded into the curriculum to ensure absolute clarity around what every student will know by the end of each unit and the use of digital technologies to support and underpin learning is encouraged across the faculty to support the development and assessment of student knowledge.

At KS3, the curriculum provides opportunities for all students of all abilities to gain an insight into all subjects offered by the Enterprise faculty. This foundation feeds into student pathways for KS4 and KS5, to build upon their learning from KS3 through a mastery curriculum across all Enterprise subject areas.

Please Click on Attachments to find Topics of Study for each Key Stage.