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Exams Summer 2020

UPDATE: 18th August 2020

Dear Student

We appreciate that the latest information will have caused potential further uncertainty but it is also welcome news as students will now receive the higher grade of the calculated result issued by the exam board or the one predicted by the academy (Centre Assessment Grade, CAG).  We are still waiting to hear how and when these results will be officially issued by the examination boards but it is our intention to provide the academy statement of results later this week.

To address some of the queries we have received surrounding appeals of centre assessment grades, please see the information below:   

The grades were created in line with the guidance published by Ofqual. The academy used a staged process initially ranking all students within a subject using a centre assessment mark. This was created using a variety of evidence that was available across all teachers of that subject. Rankings were then reviewed by those teachers. This allowed for other factors to be considered to ensure fairness across the cohort. Grades were then allocated to the rankings, discussed and moderated at subject level, before being moderated at whole school level by the Academy Leadership Team whereby historical data for the academy was also considered. This may sometimes mean that a student’s CAG is lower than internal assessment data. Final checks were completed by subjects to ensure both CAG and rankings were fair, accurate and produced in line with Ofqual guidance.

The full process can be viewed on the ‘Process for Grading’ document on the academy website - You will also find all documents referred to in this letter in this section.

There are two options available to students who are not satisfied with the CAG awarded:

  1. Take the exam in the autumn term.   The exam season for A levels has been confirmed as 5th – 23rd October with a deadline for entries of 4th September. The exam season for GCSEs has been confirmed as 2nd – 23rd November with a deadline for entries of 18th September for all subjects (apart from English language and maths which are 4th October). A resit form is available on the website.

  2. Students can ask the academy to check whether it made a mistake when it submitted data about the student’s CAG to the exam board.  A data check form is available on the website.

There is no right to appeal against the centre assessment grade or rank awarded by the academy.  Ofqual have given serious consideration as to whether a student could appeal against their school or college’s centre assessment grades and position in the rank order. On balance, they decided it would not be in the interests of all students, or the fairness of the arrangements overall, for a number of reasons. Firstly, the appeal would have to be undertaken by someone better placed than the student’s teachers to judge the grade they would likely have received if the exams had taken place – in the unique circumstances of this summer Ofqual do not believe there is any such person. An appeal would also require students to have access to the information their school or college put forward before being submitted to exam boards. This may compromise the reliability of this year’s approach. Furthermore, if one student successfully appealed against their position in the rank order, it would have negative implications for other students who would, in turn, need to be given an opportunity to appeal.  Ofqual have stated that appeals cannot be based upon the process or procedure used by a centre.

We ask for your cooperation in not contacting staff directly, they are not permitted to respond to individual student queries.  Any queries should be sent to the relevant year team at the email addresses below:

At the time of writing this we still have no new information regarding the awarding of BTEC and non GCSE/AS/A Level qualifications. As soon as we have further information regarding this we will update you.

Yours sincerely

Mrs K D Hardy



Please see below for otherinformation regarding the Summer 2020 exam process: