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Exams Summer 2021

The grading process for Y11 and Y13 external qualifications has now been formalised by the DfE and the JCQ (the body which oversees all exam qualifications).
The exam boards have asked us to consider the standard at which each student has performed over the course of study. This judgement should be based on the evidence of a student’s performance on the subject content which they have been taught, whether in the classroom or via remote learning.

The judgements have to be objective and based on the evidence produced by a student. We must have the evidence of the standard a student is working at and not just what we think they might be able to achieve. Most of this evidence will need to be obtained in the next half term. We will then be required to submit a grade for each student.

Each subject has looked at how best to obtain this evidence. This evidence base has then been quality assured by Trust assessment leaders to ensure it will provide valid evidence and therefore a valid grade for each student.

The evidence base that will be used for each subject is available below. A timeline of when these assessments will take place on a week by week basis is also provided. Specific details on what to revise for each assessment and which lesson they will take place will be provided by class teachers.

UPDATE 17/5/21:
Information on how the academy will determine these grades can be found in the documents below,  along with a student guide published by Ofqual.

You can find links to more information about Y11 and Y13 assessments in the sub menu, or use the buttons below:

Y11 Summer 2021 assessments

Y13 Summer 2021 assessments