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Reading, Communication and Literacy:

At The de Ferrers Academy we understand the importance of Literacy across the Curriculum. Literacy is an academy wide initiative and its importance is demonstrated across all subjects. Spelling, grammar and punctuation (SPAG) are three things that are critical to the potential success or failure of a piece of writing and we aim to address all three in all subjects.

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Why is Reading, Communication and Literacy so important?

Being literate isn’t just about writing, it’s about developing your communication skills as well. In the work place, your future employer will expect you to express yourself clearly, succinctly and effectively. You’ll have to write in various formats such as, e-mail, reports, letters and faxes. Therefore it’s our job to ensure that you’re ready for the demands of the 21st Century work place.

Writing accurately is key in demonstrating your literacy skills and on this page you’ll find some strategies and tips which will help you in the classroom and prepare you for life beyond the academy.

What Literacy Extended Learning Opportunities are available in the academy?

The English faculty run a range of literacy opportunities for students to get involved in.  

  • English drop in sessions for any extra help that is required
  • Creative Writing club for students to share their skills and write in a supportive environment
  • Journalism club for students to discuss events in the media using iPad and write up ideas
  • Reading Clubs for students in both KS3 and KS4 to discuss books and take part in competitions, such as The Carnegie Medal 
  • Author visits throughout the year
  • Competitions for students to enter on an academy, local and national level



Accelerated Reader is a personalised programme whereby students read books that are appropriate for their reading level. Once they have finished a book, they will complete an online mini quiz that will test their subject knowledge and understanding of the book. The online assessment will determine whether the students require further support with their book, or if they can progress on to the next reading level.


All students will complete a baseline reading test (STAR Test) that will indicate a starting point for them. They will then select an Accelerated Reader book from the Learning Centre and begin to read for pleasure. The students must read for a minimum of 15 minutes per session, at four times a week. Therefore, your son / daughter must bring their Accelerated Reader book into the Academy every day, so that it is available for them to read during Tutor Time and within their English lessons. It is also expected that they will read at home for at least 30 minutes per week as part of the Academy’s Homework Timetable.

The Learning Centre have got a wide selection of Accelerated Reader books that are available to borrow. However, we do ask that the students take care of these books and ensure that they are returned to Learning Centre in good a condition, before the due date