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I am George Greener and I am the Head Boy. I am currently studying Maths, Physics and Computer Science at the Sixth Form. I hope to go on to study Physics and Maths at the Imperial College of London. 

Within my role I aim to use my experiences outside of school to bring forward positive change throughout the academy. I aim to be an advocate for all students, listening to everyone’s opinion and voice to make their experience at the academy as good as possible.

One of my main focuses is to engage with all years of the academy as regularly as possible, ensuring that any issues or concerns are solved as a team. Due to the pandemic I will specifically target the mental health of students, providing guidance and help where needed. This is to ensure student wellbeing across all campuses is prioritised, allowing everyone to feel comfortable and supported during their time at de Ferrers. 

Due to my own experiences lower down in the school, I hope to create a wider range of diverse extra curricular activities that appeal to the students allowing them to take part in new experiences and make new friends.  Overall I hope to use my platform to create a happier and healthier environment to allow students to excel inside and outside of the academy, as anything can be achieved with hard work and co-operation.