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Mackenzie Wallis, Little Princess Trust charity

Student at The de Ferrers Academy cuts off her hair for charity!

Mackenzie Wallis (aged 11 years), a student at The de Ferrers Academy, has helped other children who are ill by donating her hair to those who need it more than her.

Mackenzie made the selfless decision to cut off her hair in aid of the Little Princess Trust charity when she came across the page on the internet. 

Mackenzie’s fundraising page has been flooded with support from staff at The de Ferrers Academy including Principal Steve Allen who said “Mackenzie we are proud to have you as a de Ferrers student - you are a fantastic young lady” and Mrs Wakelin, Teacher of CRESS said “Well done, Mackenzie. You are an inspiration to others at de Ferrers.”

Mackenzie’s mum, Michelle Wallis commented We are very proud of Mackenzie! Her hair has always been her pride and joy and every time it was suggested she cut it she would not hear of it. However after reading something on the internet about the Little Princess Trust she asked to have it cut. When I asked her to be sure she replied that 'there are people that need my hair more than I do’. She also decided that she would like to use her haircut to raise money for the charity too as sometimes they have to buy wigs for children.”

Mackenzie’s fundraising page has so far raised a staggering £205.00, 58% of her £350.00 target donation.

If you would like to help Mackenzie reach her target simply follow the link below: