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Faraday Challenge

Design and Technology students take on the Faraday Challenge

On Wednesday 3rd March, 12 Gifted and Talented Year 7 students were involved in the 2016 Faraday Challenge. The Faraday Challenge is for aspiring Engineers, it tests their Science, Maths and Technology skills, knowledge and understanding. It was a fully packed day and the students worked very hard throughout the whole day. The students limbered up their engineering skills by producing the highest tower to hold a set weight, from just 10 pieces of A4 paper.

One of the de Ferrers teams were the clear winners of this task. The rest of the day was set aside to generate two working prototypes that solved an innovative design problem. The two de Ferrers teams assigned themselves specific roles within the team; a project manager, accountant, pitch writer and computer code programmers.

Unfortunately our school did not win overall but the teams were highly commended with their inspirational product and how the programmable chip could assist in the product use. They were also praised on their team work and endurance. Both teams got a great deal out of the day and could identify how Design and Technology, Science and Maths can contribute to a career in Engineering.