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Y9 visit to Limoges

French trip for Year 9 students to Limoges

DAY 1: Visit to Oradour, un village tranquille

“Here is a picture of a church in Oradour sure glance in which hundreds of French women and children were forced into by the nazis in attempt to kill them. In the church they were murdered and gassed , the ones who survived were then shot and grenades were thrown in, it was a massacre. Only one woman managed to escape and the church was chosen to gather them all in because they believed it would be a good, secure place in which they could kill them in and they couldn't escape. They were killed due to a misconception of what German soldiers believed to happen, thinking there was a resistance movement which there wasn't and so were told by their Nazi leader Adolf Hitler to attack the wrong village”.

“This is the church where the Nazi's forcefully gathered over 600 women, mothers, and children and held them hostage; before randomly shooting, throwing hand grenades into the crowd, attempting to blow up the roof of the church, and then setting the church on fire to leave the hostages to burn to death. Out of over 600 completely innocent people- only one woman managed to escape”.


DAY 2: Visit to French school

Another excellent day. Students have taken part in Spanish and French lessons. They met a French lady who recounted how her father was taken by the SS during WW2 and an author who has written a book for children based on her life. They played basketball and badminton with the French students in the afternoon.

“In France today, we spent an average day at Victor Hugo school, with our French peers.  We started by having a Spanish lesson, where we learnt to introduce ourselves and count to ten and over. We also went to a French class, where we studied "C'était eçrit comme ça", followed by meeting the author, where we learnt her inspiration for the novel - her father's tragic demise in Oradour-sur-Glane. 

Afterwards we had lunch in the cafeteria, followed by a 2 hour PE session where we did Badminton, Basketball and another sport which we learnt the rules for. We came back to the hotel after a quick trip into Tulle, and got ready for the lovely meal at a restaurant inside the town”.

DAY 3: Out and About

Charlie Pulker, year 9 had the honour today of meeting François Hollande, President of France.

We attended a ceremony to honour those who were killed when the Germans invaded the town of Tulle on 9 June 1944. Charlie, along with a student from our partner school , were invited to light a candle of hope . Afterwards, they met the President. It was a real honour for Charlie and we were very proud of him.


"Today we saw a man who told us about the horrors which he experienced when he was younger during the massacre in tulle, June 9th 1944. He told us about his somewhat blurred memories of Nazi soldiers knocking on his house and asking for his dad. Amongst many others, his dad was taken to a concentration camp, but others were killed in other ways. He told us how he remembers they were hanging ropes outside in readiness for hanging the French people, 99 altogether. It was really emotional and I really respected the importance which was clearly demonstrated from the memorial today. This is something which I will remember for the rest of my life and am glad we were able to take part in it"