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Sixth Form Fund Raising Society

Sixth Form Fund Raising Society delivered presents to the children in Queen's Hospital, Burton Upon Trent

Maisie and Chloe represented the Sixth Form Fund Raising Society yesterday and delivered presents to the children in hospital (Queens, Burton). Donations from all of the Sixth Form Students purchased the presents and the students wrapped them. (The staff were not forgotten either!)

Chris Maddox, Community Partnerships and Charities Manager of Queen's Hospital

"I would like to thank you for yours and your students kindness in thinking of our children’s ward to donate to. It really makes a huge difference to a child when they know Santa has found them at the hospital on Christmas day and we would really struggle to create that magic without the kindness of people like your students."

The de Ferrers Academy would like to wish the students, parents, staff and the community a Happy Christmas and hope while you are with ones you love this year.  Please take a few moments to think of all people that might be as fortunate in Burton, UK and the World, whatever the reason.   Once again Happy Christmas to all and hope for greater adventures this academy will have in 2017!