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Vote for Alex Price

Alex Price needs your help as he runs for the Youth Parliament of Tamworth and East Staffordshire.

Hi, my name is Alex Price and I am in Year 12 at The de Ferrers Academy.


I am currently running for the Youth Parliament for the area of Tamworth and East Staffordshire. Firstly, I have to be politically neutral so anyone from any kind of background or views can approach me with any question and I won't judge and represent the view equally.


I believe I would be the best person for the job because I am a normal person who knows exactly what every child goes through in school and home life and what needs doing and changed locally.  This most importantly means I will be a voice for young people in the area; doing my best to represent them. I want to become a Member of Youth Parliament because I want to make a difference. I would work with locals MP's such as Andrew Griffths to ensure that what the community want is carried through with as people in power have not listened to young people and what they want.


I've listened very closely to friends and young people in the local community to see what they want to change in the local community and have come to the conclusion that more local facilities for young people are needed. There is a severe lack of things to do meaning we become bored and can be seen as anti- social, which is a complete false representation.


Voting is extremely easy. If you live in East Staffordshire or Tamworth and are aged between 11-18 years old, use this link and put it into google: you have to simply put your name and school, select me and finally click submit.


Thank you, it would mean the world if you did vote for me.


Alex Price.