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Progress Review Day


Progress Review Day 2017

Progress Review Day is designed to allow you to meet your son’s/daughter’s Mentor in an organised, quiet and confidential environment. Mentors will have appropriate information to discuss Attitude to Learning and On-course Indicators, effort and attendance issues. Students must attend the interview with you, to provide their input and agree appropriate targets. All students should attend in Academy uniform. At the end of your consultation, you will be invited to complete short on-line questionnaires about the Academy and e-safety for students. If your child’s attendance is less than 90% you may be required to attend a further interview with the attendance team.


Please note.


We changed the way parents booked their appointments last year and following the very positive response we had last year, we are to use the same system. Please follow the link called Progress Review Day Bookings.


You will need to enter your name, an email address, your child’s name and date of birth. You will be able to make multiple bookings if you have more than one child at the Academy.

May I request that if you are restricted to a particular time in the day, you book your appointment as soon as the appointment window opens. Appointments can be made from the 9th February at 9.00 a.m. until the 15th February at midday.  If no appointment is made by the 15th February, your child’s Progress Mentor will make one for you.


If you are having any difficulty in accessing the system, please email


If any parents are not able to attend, consultation will take place by appointment between the Mentor and the student, at a time allocated by the Academy.