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Giving up 'giving up'...

Giving Up Giving Up – The de Ferrers Academy opts to give generously for Lent instead.

Staff and students from The de Ferrers Academy have signed up for ‘40acts’, a generosity challenge created by the charity Stewardship, which encourages participants to do at least one different act of kindness each day of Lent. The challenge was followed by over 100,000 people last year between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, notching up an estimated 4 million generous acts in that time. Although taking place during a period in the Christian calendar the acts themselves are not specifically ‘religious’ in nature, and the ones for KS3 are linked to British Values.

As part of the challenge the KS3 students will be choosing an ‘act of kindness challenge’, suitable for their age group, in their tutor groups each day from a list provided by Stewardship. The KS4 students and the staff will be choosing their task from a daily email from the same source. Although not compulsory we are hoping that as many of the Academy’s community as possible get involved.

Nick Holmes, Principal of The de Ferrers Academy, said:

“Through simple acts like baking for a neighbour, sending anonymous gifts or grabbing some rubber gloves and a bin bag and cleaning up our street, we hope to demonstrate the PRIDE values that form the heart of our Academy. They enable us to give something back to our local community during this period.”

Stewardship’s 40acts challenge has grown in popularity since the Christian charity first launched it in 2010. Seven years on and millions of acts of generosity later, the challenge continues to astonish the team behind it.

Debbie Wright, Head of Content at Stewardship, said:

Every year more and more people choose to do Lent generously, and use generous acts to demonstrate their faith in the lead up to Easter. We never cease to be amazed at the creativity and kindness that we see, as people start to share their stories on social media.

It’s great to see The de Ferrers Academy taking up the challenge and making a generous difference to the community of Burton-on-Trent this Lent.