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Language Assistants helping students at de Ferrers

The de Ferrers Academy welcomes French & German  Language Assistants

The de Ferrers Academy in Burton-upon-Trent was pleased to welcome both French and German Language Assistants, Morgane Denamganai and Ann Becker, this term, who will be helping to bring language and culture to life for pupils at the school over the coming academic year.

Morgane Denamganai, who is from Angers, in France, and Ann Becker, who is from Frankfurt, in Germany, join the school to help teach French and German as part of the British Council’s Modern Language Assistant programme.

Modern Language Assistants bring up to date language skills and use materials such as songs, news and culture to engage pupils in the language they are learning. As the Modern Language Assistants are often university students or recent graduates themselves, pupils find it easy to relate to them and develop confidence in speaking as a result.

Morgane commented: ‘I really feel like sharing my French culture and especially make them want to visit France!" Ann remarked: ‘I hope that I can help the students to understand the German culture in the following year. In my opinion, there is a lot more to learning a language than grammar and vocabulary. I hope that I can make them realize that we are not so different after all’.

Ms O’Neill said: ‘We are delighted to welcome both Morgane and Ann. We hope they are settling in well and are happy in their new roles. Language Assistants are highly valued and an important part of bringing language and culture to life in the classroom.’

Vicky Gough, School Adviser at the British Council, added: “The UK’s future prosperity depends in no small part on our ability to communicate, interact and build relationships with people from around the world. As modern language skills give our young people the advantage they need to live in a global society and compete in a global economy, the Modern Language Assistants programme provides UK school pupils with an invaluable opportunity to test out their language skills and engage with another culture.”

The British Council works to improve foreign language skills in the UK as part of its mission to build relationships for the UK around the world through education and culture. As well as providing Modern Language Assistants to help teach languages in schools across the country, the British Council also helps young people in the UK to develop international skills through overseas links and opportunities to work and study abroad.