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Letter for Parents

Letter from Nick Holmes, Principal

July 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to you before we break up for the summer holiday to ensure that you are fully informed about some of the changes that will be taking place at the Academy from September and to provide time for students to understand what this will mean for them.

  • The most significant change will be the opening of the Sixth Form Campus in September. This will mean that students are based on the following sites: Y7 and Y8 on Dove Campus; Y9, Y10 and Y11 on Trent Campus; Y12 and Y13 on the Sixth Form Campus. Y9 will need to wear a Trent tie from September. Y9 will become part of the Academy’s iPad programme, with the devices being fully locked down.
  • Period 1 will run from 8:50am until 9:10am for students on Dove and Trent; this will either be for assembly or Progress Mentor time. Period 2 will be from 9:10 am until 10:10 am, and Period 3 from 10:10 am until 11:10 am – all other timings will remain the same on Dove and Trent. As is currently the case, students will be marked late if they arrive after 8:50 am.  Please refer to the Sixth Form area of the website for details regarding procedures relating to Y12 and Y13.
  • To accommodate the change in Year Groups on the Trent Campus, the Support and Guidance base will move from its current position on the ground floor to the first floor accommodation currently occupied by the Learning Centre/ISC. Parent and carer access to Support and Guidance will continue to be through the Trent Reception.
  • The Student Logbook has been re-designed to place a greater emphasis on student achievement throughout the year. Staff will be asked to record outstanding achievement on a weekly basis and there is the addition of an extra-curricular log for which there will be rewards. Parents and carers will continue to be asked to sign the logbook each week and an automated text will be sent as a reminder to do this. Progress Mentors will continue to track comments, with rewards being issued for students with outstanding behaviour.
  • In line with many schools and academies, student mobile phones will not be permitted on either Dove or Trent Campus. Should a mobile phone be seen or heard, it will be confiscated and parents/carers will be required to collect it by 4:15 pm from the relevant campus reception. Students must not use a mobile phone to contact parents/carers during the Academy day.
  • The Academy continues to value its uniform and insists on it being worn correctly. 

Students are not permitted to wear nose-studs, multiple earrings, denim, training shoes, or false nails. Only Academy-approved trousers should be worn. All students must wear a lanyard with an identity card.

  • Students who are sanctioned with time in Isolation will be required to stay until 4:00 pm as a further deterrent to their behaviour. Students returning from a fixed-term exclusion will no longer be required to spend a day in Isolation, but will be re-integrated by the Student Support Team.
  • The Vivo reward system will be discontinued following issues this year. It will be replaced by Learn2Earn to ensure that students continue to be rewarded for their achievements. Students will continue to be able to make purchases from the Vivo Shop which the Academy will also stock with products such as prom tickets and leavers’ hoodies.
  • The House System will be re-launched from September 2018 with the focus on Y7 and Y8 at the Dove Campus. Once it has been embedded, it will then be rolled out across the Trent Campus.
  • Following a Trust-wide tender, Caterlink will replace Aspens as the Academy’s new catering provider on all three sites. 
  • If students choose to cycle to the Academy, they must not ride through the premises as this is dangerous to other students.
  • We request that parents/carers clear student overdrafts on Wisepay over the summer.
  • We ask that parents/carers update contact details immediately that they change. To meet Safeguarding requirements we require two contacts for each student.
  • We remind parents/carers that they should make an appointment if they wish to see a member of staff. It is unlikely that Support and Guidance staff will be available between 8:50 am – 9:10 am due to assemblies and Progress Mentor time.

Yours sincerely,

Mr N Holmes