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Prime Minister visits de Ferrers

Prime Minister David Cameron visits The de Ferrers Academy to deliver a speech

The de Ferrers Academy was honoured to host a brief visit this morning from Prime Minister David Cameron, as he delivered a national speech about new policies and celebrated 10 years as party leader.

“It is great to be here at The de Ferrers Academy. I’ve had a look at your amazing wall charts for mapping the performance of every pupil to make sure that nobody gets left behind, to make sure they reach their full potential, and it is always inspiring to come to schools like this that care so much about what you do, with so much enthusiasm and are serving our young people so well.” - David Cameron, Prime Minister

Our Sixth Form Government & Politics students were lucky enough to be able to sit in and watch with visiting dignitaries and the national press. 

More photographs here: 

Trent Campus students waiting at lunchtime to catch a glimpse of the Prime Minister