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Why is Numeracy so important?

Numeracy plays an enormous role in the world around us, therefore it is important for everybody to be able to engage and interact with Mathematics where necessary. Numeracy is not just a case of remembering how to use basic arithmetic within the four walls of a Mathematics lesson but more about developing a range of skills which will be useful across many different subjects and life outside of the Academy. 

Numeracy features in nearly every subject at The de Ferrers Academy with the main skills required being calculating percentages, using graphical data and simple calculations.

Numeracy outside of the Academy?

Numeracy will play a vital role in every students future after they leave the Academy. Being able to use Mathematics will be necessary when deciding on what car to purchase or which house is within your budget for example. Your future career may require you to have a good understanding of numeracy so that you can be successful.

Useful resources

To improve numeracy outside of Mathematics lessons the Academy provides use of Times Table Rockstars, a weekly 'Numeracy Challenge' for form time and weekly numeracy worksheets available from Dove Learning Centre where there is the chance of winning Vivos.

Other useful resources can be found below which are aimed at supporting students so that they achieve a good understanding of Mathematics.

The 'Achieving a level 5 booklet' will allow students to practise skills required to achieve a level 5 in Maths which will put them on course towards achieving a minimum of a C grade at GCSE.

There is also a link to a website that has daily challenges to push students to make progression (

Link to BBC Bitesize Maths

National Numeracy have created a helpful parent toolkit which looks at how parents can engage and support their child with numeracy from home. The idea is that the more parents/ guardians that engage in conversations about numeracy with children then the more they will develop their skills. The 'Information for parents' section on the site has many activities you can get involved with at home. This section of the website focuses on activities for our Key Stage 3 students. 

Consistency in teaching topics - with the aim to create a resource to distribute to all academy staff, and have available on the school website for parents to refer to.



Website to link to

Addition Link
Subtraction Link
Multiplication Link
Division Link
Add/subtract decimals Link
Multiplying decimals Link
Dividing decimals LInk
Order of Operations Link
Lowest Common Multiple and Highest Common Factor Link
Ratio Link
Ordering Decimals Link
Ordering negative numbers Link
Solving Equations (2 step) Link
Solving Equations (unknowns on both sides) Link
Scatter graphs Link
Finding percentages (non calculator) Link
Finding percentages (calculator) Link
Percentage Inc/Dec (non calculator) Link
Percentage Inc/Dec (calculator) Link
Percentage Change Link
Reverse Percentages Link
Multiplying Fractions by a whole number Link
Add/subtract fractions Link
Dividing fractions Link
nth term Link
Expanding brackets Link
Simplifying Expressions Link
Rounding to significant figures Link
Standard Form

Link 1

Link 2

Speed, Distance and Time Link
Simultaneous Equations Link


'Below is a document that outlines all the key facts pupils need to know in order to excel in their maths and numeracy. Please ensure that you know all of these off by heart!’