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About The course

The de Ferrers Academy and the University of Nottingham work in partnership to ensure that your progress on the course is closely supported and quality assured. Trainees in English, geography, history, mathematics, modern languages or science will have short blocks of time through the year in University which coincide with the days students following the University of Nottingham PGCE in those subjects are in. This enables you to be part of a large group of beginning teachers in your subject, exploring the underpinning principles and philosophies of, and approaches to teaching, your subject. In total you will spend forty days across the year in University 

You will have a mentor assigned by the Academy who will undertake regular training at the University. You will also be allocated a University tutor who will work closely with you and your mentor and coordinator. From the beginning of the course, which starts at the end of August, you will be regarded as a beginning teacher and will attend development days, parental consultation sessions and extra-curricular activities. 

In the second term you will undertake a placement in a second school. This is an opportunity to learn within a different context and share your experiences with other trainees.

The practical experience is underpinned by theoretical approaches that are discussed and explored on the Friday sessions. There is a focus on both 'Schools and Society' and 'Teaching and Learning' and your assignments will ensure that these aspects are closely considered in relation to your teaching in school. 

As a new member of staff you will also be provided with a thorough and extensive induction programme within the Academy to support your professional development. You will also be involved in continuing to develop the use of Apple technologies within the Academy to enhance and transform teaching and learning. This is a bespoke additional element to the training provided at the Academy.