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L3 BTEC Extended Certificate (1 A-level equivalent)

L3 BTEC National Diploma (2 A-level equivalent)

Why study this course?

• Pursuing a career in IT and technology

• Developing and acquiring skills, knowledge and understanding in a range of different areas of IT

• Developing practical skills for application to real-life situations

• Gaining a broad understanding of different IT disciplines

• Developing highly desirable skills for future study or employment

• Preference for assessment by coursework


Potential  careers:

• Software development

• Software engineering

• Web design

• Hardware and software installation

• Hardware and software configuration

• Network support and management

• Technical support

• Digital strategy

• IT consultancy

• Data management and protection

• Analytics

• Digital media

• Information systems

Course content

The objective of this qualification is to give learners the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in IT. Learners study the relationship between hardware and software, managing and communicating information and data, and the principles of designing and developing digital technologies and processes to support organisations. This qualification covers areas such as data modelling and analytics, mobile internet technologies, creative technologies and enterprise for IT, creating a dynamic and engaging course.

Year 1:

Unit 2: Creating systems to manage information

Unit 3: Using social media in business

Unit 4: Programming (Double award only)

Unit 9: IT Project Management (Double award only)

Year 2:

Unit 1: Information technology systems

Unit 6: Website development

Unit 11: Cyber security an incident management (Double award only)

Unit 20: Enterprise in IT (Double award only)

Staff contact:

Mr Askey and Mr Pearce