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Blog 1 - 15th December 2015

Blog entry 1 - 15th December 2015, 0230 hours.

The de Ferrers Academy head off for Heathrow, flying towards the Russian capital, Moscow. The chosen few will descend on Korolev (Star City) and experience everything the Russian space programme has to offer. Each of the six days has a bulging itinerary of Russian history, culture and most of all, Science. One of our Year 13,who is heavily involved in the trip, had this to say with the trip less than 24 hours away, “I've waited so long for this, I can't wait to soak up the culture.”

Today's temperature in Moscow is 18 degrees C below the weather in Burton, which may prove to be a shock to our students’ systems. Not only this but the students will face up to 15 feet of snow so wrapping up with lots of layers will be a necessity (even the thermal underwear!)

Incidentally, the opening day of the trip happens to fall on the launch date of Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station. This sets the tone perfectly for the week ahead of us, therefore we have all been following Tim’s preparations. It is a proud and prestigious moment for the school to be witnessing such a significant event in the history of British science and technology. A realistic possibility may be for us to contact Tim whilst in space from Korolev, if his schedule allows. We will inform this blog of any developments, watch the space.


Elliott's brand new story of the day:

I didn't pack. It was brilliant.


Arthur's packing advice:

If you're going to buy a coat, spend 400 quid.