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CTEC Applied Science


CTEC in Applied Science

Why study this course?

• If you want to work within a science organisation or organisation that uses science.

• If you want an assessment that combines examination with practical assessment and portfolio-based assessment, that covers a variety of scientific fields.

• If you enjoy areas of laboratory science, Forensic science, Medical science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

• If you would like to go to university and study sciences and plan to study an additional science at A Level.

• If you are interested in a route to employment in the science industry or within organisations that use science.

Potential careers:

• Medical Physics Technician

• Drug development

• Quality Control Technician

• Biotechnology – Brewing Industry

• Scientific Journalist

• Chemical Engineer

• Forensic Laboratory

• Chemical Analysist

• Farmer

• Food Industry


• Unit 1 Science Fundamentals, which is worth 25% and is externally assessed.

• Unit 2 Laboratory Techniques, which is worth 25% and is externally assessed. The remaining three units make up the rest of the marks and are internally assessed. These units include:

• Unit 6 Control of Hazards in the Laboratory

• Unit 18 Microbiology

• Unit 21 Product Testing Techniques.

Staff contact:

Mrs R Farrimond or Dr J Towey