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Digital Books

You can now download a range of free digital, multitouch books produced in-house by our teachers and our Digital Developer at The de Ferrers Academy. These are interactive and immersive, designed to help students explore key idaes using their iPad.

Go to www.itunes/com/deferrers or search for 'de ferrers' in iTunes or the iBook Store.

We also have a number of books produced as part of an innovative project with PGCE students from The University of Nottingham, supported by Apple. 26 Initial Teacher Trainee students spent a week at The Academy in June 2016, June 2017 & May 2018 learning how to create digital books and instructional video on Mac and iPad, with tutoring from University lecturers, digital authors and Apple Distinguished Educators.

The project was a finalist for the TES Digital Innovation Awards in 2017.

We will be repeating the project in May 2019.

All these books have been made available (free) in 51 countries, for any staff/students to download and use.






Structures (GCSE)

Jordan Baxter, Elizabeth Cordes, Stevem Greatorex 

Frankenstein (A level)

Arvyn Braich 

Romeo & Julet (GCSE)

Harry Arthur 

An Inspector Calls (GCSE)

Harry Arthur 

A Christmas Carol (GCSE)

Harry Arthur 

Of Mice and Men (GCSE)

Harry Arthur

Power & Conflict Poetry (GCSE)

Geoff Kirby, Lauren Woodford, Beth Merrick, Jasmine Grainger






Circle Theorems (GCSE)

Charlotte Fisher, Yuni Li 

Using Algebra: Real life problems (GCSE)

Bethany Birley, Karl Glendenning, Richard Kier

Differentiation (A level)

Patrick Jackson, Ruth Matthew, Phoebe Mulligan, Matthew Tomlin 

Using Trigonometry: Climbing the mountain (GCSE)

Jacob Strauss, Aron Pullen

Pythagoras’ Theorem (GCSE)

Abigail Painter, Laurence Cook

Using Fractions: Real life problems (GCSE)

Mike Lindsay & Robert Bartlett

What is X? Solving equations (GCSE)

Alex O’Connell, Stephen Wan, Chemara Dennis

Algebra: Equations & Inequalities (GCSE)

Stephen Pearce 

Speed: How fast is Usain Bolt? (GCSE)

Ashley Blakemore

Transformations: Translation, Rotation & Reflection (GCSE)

Neira Milijkovic, Muhammed Saeed, Paulo Terzaga

Mechanics: Collisions (A level)

Dominic Tope, Stuart Pattullo






Radioactivity (GCSE Physics)

Greg Hughes

Heat Energy (GCSE Physics)

Greg Hughes

DNA (GCSE Biology)

Chloe Leyland, Harminda Surana 

Electricity (GCSE Physics)

Greg Hughes

Hydrocarbons (GCSE Chemistry)

Briony Shipsides, Harry Martin 

History of the Atom (GCSE Physics)

Humaira Tariq,  Jerry Vellaringattu 

Life Cycles of stars (GCSE Physics)

Greg Hughes

The Big Bang Theory (GCSE Physics)

Greg Hughes 

Forces & Motion (GCSE Physics)

Christopher Forrest

The Periodic Table (GCSE Chemistry)

Colleen Winter, Jennifer England, Mike Swanwick, Calicia Daniel

The Electromagnetic Spectrum (GCSE Physics)

Anthony Moore






Physical causes of Climate Change (GCSE Geography)

Marnie Calwell, Natalia Kruk

Norman Conquest (GCSE History)

Samuel Grreen 

Nazi Germany 1: The Weimar Republic (GCSE History)

Dean Baxter, Tom Calvert, Stephen Nickell

Nazi Germany 2: Hitler’s Rise to Power (GCSE History)

Jake Poplawski, Ashley Wood

Nazi Germany 3: Control & Opposition (GCSE History)

Jack Pestell 






Photo Card (GCSE Spanish)

Jessica Emery & Edward Thorold


The Perfect Tense (GCSE French)

Nicola Jones, Fay Lomax, Emma Walker, Aylin Doerpinghaus

Using Spanish in the classroom (GCSE Spanish)

Michael Dean, Fiona Adie, Chrystalla Achilleos






Movement Analysis & Levers (GCSE PE)

Rebecca Berger-North 






Colour Theory (GCSE Art)

Olivia Lister


Portraits guide (GCSE Art)

Eliza Embley






Economic Methodology and the Economic Problem (A level Economics)

Tom Riley






The story behind Food (GCSE Food)

Gill Wildman, Claire Hill