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A Level

Why study this course?

• If you have an interest in looking at how different social groups use language

• If you enjoy investigating the language of new technologies (the language of text messaging, email etc.)

• If you would like to analyse the ways that males and females use language

• If the history of the English Language interests you

• If you would like to learn about how children acquire language

• If you’re interested in a career such as journalism, advertising or copywriting

Potential Careers

• Education

• Journalism

• Law

• Communication

• The Arts

• Media and Creative Writing

Course content

• Coursework: Candidates are asked to produce one piece of original writing and a language investigation.

• Examination: Candidates are assessed on topics such as Language Variety in terms of accent, dialect, gender; Children’s Language Development; and how language has changed over the centuries.


• Coursework: - 20%

• Examination: - 80%


Staff contact:

Mr J Burns