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Entry Requirements


All applicants are required on entry to their teacher training course to hold a UK degree or equivalent qualification. 

For secondary applicants this must be in, or closely related to, your proposed teaching subject. As a guideline we would expect to see that at least 50% of your first degree is directly relevant to the National Curriculum subject you intend to teach.

On your application form, please provide us with the details of what you have studied at degree level and make a case for why it's relevant. We aim to look sympathetically at each application but you need to be aware that subject knowledge is an increasingly important element in the assessment of trainee teachers. Although you will have the chance to improve and, perhaps, update your subject knowledge, the course is not designed to teach the subject itself - it is designed to teach you how to teach it. 

You might want to consider taking action to develop your subject knowledge prior to coming on the course and there are an increasing number of specific courses being developed to support this, details of which can be obtained through the Department for Education web site. 

We do require you to hold passes in English Language and Mathematics at GCSE grade C or above, or an approved equivalent qualification. We can consider you if you do not have these GCSE qualifications at the time you apply, but you must obtain them before the course starts. 

For applicants holding a conditional offer, who have not got a grade C or above (or equivalent) in Mathematics, we offer a mathematics test which can be taken under supervised conditions at the University of Nottingham.

Fitness to Teach

Admission to the course is subject to a satisfactory medical report, as you are required to meet the standards for 'Fitness to Teach'. 

We have a wide range of facilities to meet the needs of trainees with special needs and disabilities. You are welcome to discuss any special needs or disabilities with us at any time during, or after, the application process. 

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

For all initial teacher training courses, applicants must complete forms requesting an Enhanced Disclosure from the DBS. In addition you will be required to disclose any previous offences to the Academy and the University of Nottingham. 

Literacy and Numeracy Skills Tests

Whilst you are not required to have applied for and passed these before interview you are strongly recommended to take these as soon as possible. All applicants with a conditional offer must have passed these prior to commencing the course. 

School Experience

We advise all applicants to gain experience before submitting an application.  If you are training for primary you will need to have a minimum of ten days experience in a state sector UK primary school before you can apply for a place on this programme