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Environmental Science WJEC Level 3 Diploma


 WJEC Level 3 Diploma in

Environmental Science (One A-Level Equivalent)


Why study this course?

• Includes a wide range of subjects including geography, geology, biology, chemistry and physics

• Gets you thinking about human activities and how the future of the human race and all other forms of life depends on the environment in which we live

• Expands the mind and develops an enquiring mind

• Discover the extent of the problems facing the Earth both now and in the future, and attempt to answer the questions that as yet are unanswered

• This developing science is never dull, as new discoveries are being made all the time

• Develops skills necessary to perform laboratory and field work

• Ability to solve problems in an environmental context;

• Develops skills needed to do project based research and presentation;

• Develops independent learning and develop- ment. These are very important to employers and higher education.

• Ability to learn in a work-related context to provide a taste of career choices whilst boosting

employment opportunities.

Potential  careers:

The government has committed to creating

400,000 new jobs in the ‘green sector’ by 2020 and there is a skills gap within industry. Businesses need to meet sustainability targets to keep ahead in their sectors.

• Pollution scientists

• Environmental Consultancy

• Local Government

Conservation, Business and Environmental


• Scientific Civil Service

• Sustainability Consultant

Course content

Managing energy for a sustainable future

(Renewable energy)

The living environment and conservation Monitoring our physical environment Scientific principles and the environment


Unit 1 - Managing energy for a sustainable future (Renewable energy) – 24% (Internally assessed) Unit 2 - The living environment and conservation –

24% (Externally assessed)

Unit 3 - Monitoring our physical environment –

24% (Internally assessed)

Unit 4 - Scientific principles and the environment –

28% (Externally assessed – Pre-release material)

Staff contact:

Mr O James