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A Levels

Why study this course?

• If you have an interest in all aspects of cinema and film-making.

• If you enjoy expressing your opinions and justifying them.

• If you want to enjoy studying a subject which is relevant to your own lives.

• If you want to explore cultural viewpoints from around the world.

• If you want to develop both your analytical and creative skills.

• If you want to acquire skills, which will keep your options open for further study.

Potential careers:

• Education

• Communication

• The Arts

• Film production

• Media and Creative Writing


Coursework: - 30% Examination: - 70% (WJEC)

Candidates produce either:

A short film or a screenplay (along with a digital storyboard) for a short film and an evaluative analysis of their product.

Course Content:

There are two examination components, looking at a wide variety of film forms, including: Hollywood 1930-1990, American Film since 2005, British Film since 1995, Global film study (both European and outside Europe), Documentary Film, Silent Film and Experimental Film.

A sample of films to be studied could include: Casablanca, Vertigo, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Blade Runner, Inception, La La Land, Winter’s Bone, Boyhood, Trainspotting, Shaun of the Dead, This is England, Pan’s Labyrinth, House of the Flying Daggers, Amy, Sunrise and Pulp Fiction.

Staff contact:

Mr J Burns