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A Level

Why study this course?

• If you want to further develop the language skills you have acquired so far
• If you want to make yourself more employable - more and more employers are looking to take on personnel with good communication skills in French
• If you want to impress universities/employers - A level French is a highly valued qualification
• If you enjoy learning about a different culture

Potential careers:

• Tourism and travel services
• Media
• Translation and interpreting Services
• Banks and insurance companies
• Government
• International non-profit organisations
• Publishing companies
• Ministry of Defence
• Representatives in foreign companies
• Health services
• Social services
• Immigration services
• Primary, secondary education, universities and colleges


• A speaking exam and two exams comprising lis- tening/reading and writing.

Course content

Aspects of French-speaking Society: 

Current trends

• The changing nature of family

• The ‘Cyber-Society’

• The place of voluntary work

Aspects of French-speaking Society:

Current issues

• Positive features of a diverse society • Life for the marginalised

• How criminals are treated

Artistic Culture in the French-speaking world: • A culture proud of its heritage

• Contemporary Francophone music

• Cinema

Aspects of Political Life:

• Teenagers and the Right to Vote • Demonstrations, Strikes

• Politics and Immigration.

• Grammatical knowledge

• Study of a work of literature • Study of a film

Staff contact:

Mrs S Key and Mrs S O’Hagan