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A Level

Why study this course?

• Geographers are highly employable
• Gives you strong research and analytical skills
• If you are interested in current affairs
• If you enjoy studying a subject that is relevant to your own life and experiences
• If you want the opportunity to carry out
practical work outdoors as well as class work
• If you enjoy finding out your own answers – not just being taught
• If you enjoy finding out about new people, places, landscapes and events
• If you want to keep your options open – Geography A level is an appropriate qualification for a very wide range of Higher Education or career choices – it does not force you to make
an early commitment

Potential careers

• Management and Administration

• Teaching and Lecturing

• Financial Sector

• Retail and Marketing Sector

• Research, Industry, Manufacturing and Media

• Town Planning

• Environmental Consultant

• Planning and Development Surveyor

• Sustainability Analyst

• Landscape Architect

• Development and Flood Risk Specialist


• Examinations are linear and will be in June at the end of Year 13.

• Component 1 and 2: 2 hours 30 minutes exam for each component which totals 80% of A Level.

• Geographical investigation: 4000 words and 20% of A Level.

Course content

You will study all of the following:

• Component 1: Physical Geography - Water and Carbon cycles
- Coastal systems and landscape
- Hazards

• Component 2: Human Geography
- Global systems and global governance - Changing Places
- Population and the environment

• Component 3: Geographical Investigation Students complete an individual investigation which must include data collected in the field and relate to the specification.

Staff contact:

Miss V Barlow