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A Level

Why study this course?

• If you have an interest in the way the world has developed through the ages

• If you enjoy investigation and discovery

• If you enjoy debate and like putting forward a well-argued case

• If you want to improve your analytical skills

• If you want to study a subject the encourages you to consider evidence to make up your own mind

• If you want to broaden your Science A Level studies to include a humanities subject

• If you want to keep your options open – History is widely regarded as a useful qualification for a wide range of Higher Education or career choices

Potential careers:

• Teaching

• Archaeologist

• Archivist

• Civil Service

• Journalism

• Lawyers

• Social Work

• Police

• Administrators

• Architect

• Librarian

• Armed Forces

• Medicine

• Banking

• Accountancy


• British History 1930-1997 (1 hour 30 min. exam) – 25%

• European History 1789-1896 – (1 hour exam) – 15%

• Thematic study and historical interpretations 1865- 1992 – (2 hour 30 min. exam) – 40%

• Topic based essay – (3000 – 4000 word coursework essay) – 20%

Course content

You may study some/all of the following:

British History 1930-1997

• The unit looks at Britain under Conservative and Labour government. The course covers the role of key individuals such as Wilson and Thatcher, together with key issues ranging from the trade unions to Britain’s position in the post-war world.

The enquiry topic is on Winston Churchill. European History 1789-1896

• This unit looks at the obstacles to Italy becoming one nation in the nineteenth century and how characters such as Garibaldi and Napoleon III of France contributed to the creation of a unified Italy. Thematic Study and Historical Interpretations 1865-1992

• This unit looks at the development of Civil Rights in the USA. The course focuses on the struggle of American citizens to gain equality before the law. Topic Based Essay – (3000-4000 word coursework essay)

• This unit provides the opportunity to research and complete a question of your choice on the Holocaust.

Staff contact:

Mr D Staples or Mr C Barlow