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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3:


The following revision materials are designed to help your child prepare effectively for upcoming assessments. Students have been given paper or electronic copies of the attachments below.

Assessment 1

Year 7: Sets 1-3 are Core and Sets 4/5 are Support

Year 7.1 Core Revision List

Year 7.1 Core Knowledge Sheet

Year 7.1 Support Revision List

Year 7.1 Support Knowledge Sheet


Year 8: Sets 1/2 are Core and Sets 3-5 are Support

Year 8.1 Core Revision List

Year 8.1 Core Knowledge Sheet

Year 8.1 Support Revision List

Year 8.1 Support Knowledge Sheet


Year 9: Sets 1-3 are Core and Sets 4-7 are Support

Year 9.1 Core Revision List

Year 9.1 Core Knowledge Sheet

Year 9.1 Support Revision List

Year 9.1 Support Knowledge Sheet