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Keystage 3

yr Group 

Aut. 1



Spr. 2 

Sum. 1

Sum. 2

Yr 7

Binge Britain  Becoming an Active Citizen


Learning to Learn & Positive Mindsets Student Voice campaigns & elections

Changing Times (puberty):  Building Healthy Relationships

Money, Money, Money? Children’s Rights and Responsibilities

Job market  & future jobs

British Values

Career Exploration – planning for the future

Political Ideas (Main parties & ideologies in UK)

Yr 8

Binge Britain 2: Drugs, Legal Highs

Social Networks

(Bullying, eSafety)

Mental Health Awareness: Crime & Punishment:

Money & Me: Budgeting & Bank Account: Global Rights & Responsibilities: 

Career Exploration: Link subjects to Careers Honour Based Violence & Trafficking

Body Image & Self-esteem: 

Power to the People

Relationships & Sex Education

CSE, FGM & Forced Marriage

Yr 9

Underage & Pregnant:  

Career Exploration – What is the working world like?:  

Career Exploration – planning for pathways 

Exam buddies – helping others revision and coping strategies

First Aid – Helping others in the community

Social Action (First Give)

(Active Cit project)