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Mathematics A Level


A Level

Why study this course?

• If you are interested and enjoy Mathematics
• If you are interested in explanations about the world around you
• If you want to acquire skills and knowledge, which will be useful in Higher Education, the Sciences and Business
• If you want to enhance your employability
• Mathematics complements many other subjects such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Psychology and DT

Potential careers:

• Engineering
• Business
• Accountancy
• Sports Science • Architecture

• Investment Banker • Education
• Economics
• Insurance

• IT/Computing
• Aerospace and Defence • Automotive Industry
• Construction
• Cryptography

Course content

All Maths A Levels now include Core, Mechanics and Statistics.

You may study some/all of the following: • Topics covered include:
• Algebra and functions
• Coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane • Differentiation

• Exponentials and logarithms • Integration
• Sequences and series
• Trigonometry

• Numerical methods • Vectors

Statistics and Mechanics to include:
• Statistical Sampling
• Data Presentation and Interpretation • Probabilities
• Statistical Distributions
• Statistical Hypotheses Testing
• Quantities and Units in Mechanics
• Kinematics
• Forces and Newton’s Law
• Moments


• Three, 2 hour exams, at the end of Year 13.

Staff contact:

Mr T Riley or Mr A Tompkins