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New student Intake

We advise students to apply for sixth form by the end of January, however we will accept applications beyond this date. Before applying, we suggest you find out more about sixth form life at de Ferrers.

Once you're sure that The de Ferrers Academy sixth form is right for you, here's how to apply.

1. First, take a look at the courses we offer

All students will be expected to study 3 subjects (or equivalent). In some circumstances we will consider a 4th option. Each subject has 5 hours of teaching allocated to it plus homework and independent study.

2. Check the entry requirements

Once you've chosen your preferred subjects, make sure you check that you meet the entry requirements for the course.

3. Check the subject pools

Any other BTEC double must be chosen alongside the single award

4. Complete the application form
Next, you will need to check that the courses you wish to take, can be taken together. Download the 2019 subject pools document to ensure that you can take your subject combination (Coming Soon TBC).

Now, you're ready to complete the application form. For this, you will need your personal details as well as some ideas about what you hope to achieve after sixth form. We also like to get to know you, so there's a section for you to tell us about yourself.

5. Send it to us

You can send the application form to us in the post or electronically.

Postal address: Mrs Karen Hulbert, The de Ferrers Academy Sixth Form Campus, Town Hall Annex, Waterloo Street, Burton upon Trent, DE14 2EB.

Email address:

6. See whether you qualify for financial support

You may also wish to see whether you qualify for government financial support. This isn't part of the application process for The de Ferrers Academy sixth form, but staff can support you with the application for funding if you need help.



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