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Physical Education A Level


A Level

Why study this course?

• If you have a keen interest in sport and recreation
• If you want to know more about how the body functions and the effects of exercise
• If you want to evaluate and improve your own sporting performance
• If you have an enquiring mind and are interested in the development of sport throughout the world
• If you want to move onto a sport related career of higher education

Potential careers:

• Sports coaching • Fitness training • PE teacher
• Physiotherapist • Sports therapist • Biomechanist

• Sports physiologist • Sports psychologist

Course content

• Physiological factors affecting performance • Applied anatomy and physiology
• Exercise physiology
• Biomechanics

• Psychological factors affecting performance • Skill acquisition
• Sports psychology
• Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport

• Sport and Society
• Contemporary issues in physical activity and sport
• Performance in physical education
• Performance or coaching of an activity taken from the approved list (1 Practical activity)
• The Evaluation and Analysis of Performance for Improvement (Controlled assessment)


70% Examination
15% Practical sport (1 activity)
15% Controlled assessment/Coursework

Staff contact:

Mr A Jones