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A Level

Why study this course?

• If you enjoy exploring issues dealing with how and why people behave in certain ways

• If you enjoy finding out more about the link between people’s behaviour and their environment

• If you enjoy planning and carrying out investigations to look for any patterns and explaining the behaviour of people

Potential  careers:

• Psychology

• Clinical Psychologist

• Educational Psychologist

• Child Psychologist

• Teaching

• Police Force

• Business

• Nursing

• Art and Drama


Students will sit three x 2 hour exam papers, each with equal weighing in the overall result

Course content

You will study the following:

• Cognitive Psychology – including memory and Eye Witness Testimony

• Developmental Psychology – including how we attach to our caregivers and what happens if no attachment is formed

• Social Psychology – including why some people conform and obey others

• Individual differences – including definitions of abnormality and mental disorders and why the theories say they develop

• Approaches in Psychology – including the key theories in Psychology and its key supporting research. Biological, Behaviourism, Psychodynamic, Cognitive, Humanistic and Social Learning theories

• Biopsychology – including how the biological systems of the body and the brain function with the resultant impact on human behaviour

• Research Methods – including looking at the ways psychologists investigate behaviour

• Gender – including how and why the genders behave in different ways

• Schizophrenia – including the causes of Schizophrenia and the potential treatment methods for the disorder

• Forensic Psychology – including offender profiling, theories of offending and ways of dealing with offender behaviour

• Issues and Debates – including nature versus nurture, freewill versus determinism, ethical implications in research, as well as gender and culture in psychological research


Staff contact:

Mrs G Jenkins