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A Level

Why study this course?

• If you have an interest in people and society

• If you have a questioning mind

• If you have an interest in researching information

• If you enjoy debating topical issues

Potential  careers:

• Researcher

• Social Work

• Management

• Teaching

• Journalism

• Any career that involves working with people


Students will sit three x 2 hour exam papers, each with equal weighing in the overall result

Course content

You will study the following:

• Families and Households – including trends in marriage and divorce, changing notions of childhood and the purpose of living in family units

• Education – including which social groups do best in education and why, changing education policy

• Research Methods – including methods used by sociologists to support theories and investigate society

• Crime and Deviance – including why people commit crime, which groups are most likely to commit crime and how we might reduce crime in society

• Beliefs - including the social role of religion and it's function in Society. Particularity how it influences and shapes the world we live in

• Sociological theory – including the key sociological theories such as Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism, Social Interactionism and Postmodernism


Staff contact:

Mr J Barlow, Miss J Sowter or Miss E Taylor