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Staff Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing:

At The de Ferrers Academy we don’t just want our students to develop holistically, we want this for our staff too. Each week there are a number of 'physical' options for staff to choose. For example, before school personal training and Thursday night badminton club. The benefits of this are huge - at this academy, we are a team, getting together in these settings allows us to discuss and share ideas in an informal way.  It is not just the social aspect which we are building upon,  physical activity makes us feel better about ourselves.  

Our physical well-being sessions do not stop on Fridays. Staff take part in weekly park runs.  There are a number of staff members currently training for Derby 10km where they will compete in small teams.  You do not need to have run before, support and training is available.   We are  looking at entering other running and triathlon events as 'Team DFA'. In addition we will have mini competitions in a range of sports such as netball, football, badminton.

In short, our activities are open to anyone who enjoys a little bit of sport or physical activity and wants to help promote physical well being.  Anyone is welcome regardless of their sporting ability.

If you would more information or to get involved, please contact Mr A Arnold


Social Wellbeing:

The school day can be a very busy one for all involved, so it's good for staff to have the chance to relax and spend time together outside of the workplace. Enjoying some relaxed time in a social setting can have huge benefits for staff, contributing to a strong team spirit and supportive culture at de Ferrers. There are a variety of events for staff to come along to, some regular and some one-off, some local and some further afield. The current regular events include a visit to the pub each week, local Parkruns on Saturday mornings and monthly street food markets. Other events will include: challenging each other at pub quizzes; taking part in mud and obstacle runs; competing in Staff vs Student sports games; walks in the beautiful nearby countryside; trying something new at food and drink festivals; having a laugh at comedy clubs; eating plenty of cake at the staff bake off; enjoying the brilliant entertainment at the academy talent show and academy production; and many more! 

If you would more information or to get involved, please contact Mr L Cook


Emotional Wellbeing:

Well-being is part of our culture at de Ferrers.  We have been working hard to improve staff well-being by listening to our staff.  We have used evidence based research to reduce our marking which has positive outcomes for our students.

At de Ferrers, we are engaging with an external agency who will complete regular questionnaires to gain feedback from our staff.  The information collected will then be used to address the concerns to improve the well-being of all staff.

At de Ferrers we pride ourselves on a culture of well-being.  This year we will be focusing on:

  • Involving staff in decision making
  • Developing a culture of openness
  • Working on Work/Life Balance 
  • Establishing methods of effective communication 
  • Embedding a culture of team work 
  • Encouraging exercise and regular social events to boost health, team work and well-being 

If you would more information or to get involved, please contact Miss V Barlow