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What students say

Amber Clifford - Year 12 Student:

"The de Ferrers Sixth Form is a friendly environment that shows us what we are really capable of, the staff constantly push us to achieve our potential and reach our goals."


Callum Stoakes - Year 13 Student:

"I couldn’t ask for better staff to support me through Sixth Form, they are always there to help and I can always rely on them to give me that extra push I need."


Joseph Isaac Frost - Year 13 Student:

"Due to the support, patience and kindness of the staff, I was able to grow and develop socially and academically"


Charlie Hassall - Year 12 Student:

"Coming to a new school can be nerve-racking, but students and staff make the transition easy"


Amy Upchurch - Year 13 Student:

"The ISC gives Sixth Formers a place that is a comfortable working environment and enables a range of options like individual studying and group studying. The ISC is also a place where we can access resources from computers to textbooks but where we can also access advice about studying techniques. There is always a member of staff present who is there to listen, help and motivate."