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Academy Uniform

ALL STUDENTS: Lanyard and photo identity card


Academy blazer with badge

Bottle green


Black – formal style, i.e. not jeans style.


White – worn tucked in

Academy tie


Plain dark colour

Shoes (not trainers)

All black – sensible style.

Boots are not acceptable footwear in the Academy


Academy blazer with badge

Bottle green

Skirt (of reasonable length)

Black box pleated skirt  


Black smart trousers (Stretch material is not permitted)


White – shirt style worn tucked in

Academy tie




Black or neutral

Shoes (not trainers)

All black – low heel, sensible style

Shalwar Kameez (optional)

Bottle green worn with blouse & tie

Head scarf

Bottle green

Boots are not acceptable footwear in the Academy


Compulsory Items

Polo Shirt (unisex or girls option) - Black Body / Green Side panels and white trim

Shorts (unisex) - Black Body / Green Side panels and white trim

Rugby Shirt (compulsory for boys, optional for girls) - Black Body / Green Side panels and white trim

Football socks - Black with Academy logo

Ankle Socks - Plain white

Football boots

Trainers - predominantly white

Gum shield

Shin pads


Tracksuit bottoms - Black with Academy logo

Fleece - Black / Half Zip

Skort (Girls)

It is advisable that students bring a towel in case showers are needed after outdoor activities.

Outside Coats

  • Outside coats need not be bottle green but we would encourage the purchase of sensible coats.
  • Students must not wear casual outer garments at the Academy, e.g. hooded sweatshirts, sweatshirts, tracksuit tops.
  • Denim or material of similar appearance must not be worn at the Academy.

If students do not wear the appropriate uniform, and no satisfactory reason (supported by a parental note on the day) is given, they will experience withdrawal of privileges and other sanctions may be applied. A medical note will be requested in the case of alternative footwear.

All items of clothing should be named.


Our first consideration is the safety of our students and, therefore, jewellery is discouraged. The wearing of certain jewellery can be dangerous e.g. heavy chains/medallions/leather necklaces. Jewellery of any type must not be worn in P.E.

  • The Academy reserves the right to request students to remove jewellery which we believe could cause injury to themselves or others.
  • Earrings – students may wear either ONE or a pair of small solid studs. ‘Hooped’ earrings of ANY description are NOT allowed. If a chain is worn around the neck, it should be out of sight, under the shirt/blouse.

We strongly advise that ear piercing be done at the beginning of the summer holidays.

  • Rings – one plain ring is allowed.
  • Nose studs are not acceptable neither is any other form of body piercing.

We encourage students not to bring items of value to college for obvious reasons and jewellery often falls into this category.

Make-up and Nail Varnish – The wearing of make-up and nail varnish is not encouraged. Any students wearing excessive amounts of either will be asked to remove it.

Hairstyles – We reserve the right to make judgements about relevant hairstyles and hair colour.

Disclaimer – The Academy reserves the right to make the final judgement on any of the above.


Approved uniform suppliers for The de Ferrers Academy:

WB Global Trading Ltd -

Pupil Schoolwear, Swadlincote -

My Uniform  email: