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Vision & Values

At The de Ferrers Academy we are determined to ensure that all students enjoy high quality learning experiences therefore enabling them to achieve their full potential and go on to lead successful, happy and healthy lives.

Our ethos is based on:

● Placing positive relationships at the heart of what we do

● Having high expectations at all times

● Ensuring that excellent learning and teaching is our core activity

● Promoting independence, equality, resilience and consideration to others

● Valuing the support and contribution to all members of our community

For our students we will:

● Create excellent learning and enrichment experiences 

● Support every student to be the best they can be

● Provide a broad and appropriate curriculum, offering multiple pathways to achieve the qualifications, attitudes and skills required for successful and fulfilling futures

● Expect the highest standards of behaviour within a culture of mutual respect and good manners

● Ensure that we celebrate student achievements in the widest sense

● Create an environment to allow students to thrive and flourish

For our staff we will:

● Create the best working conditions and environment for staff to be motivated, inspired and happy

● Provide excellent training and bespoke career development opportunities

● Challenge and support every member of staff to contribute to DFA being a successful high performing team - ensuring professional trust at all levels

● Develop all leaders to be empowered and empower their teams to support the raising of standards 

For parents & carers we will:

● Provide a welcoming atmosphere

● Encourage their active involvement, including seeking views to support improvements

● Provide high quality information about the progress and achievement of each child in the widest sense

● Ensure timely home-school communication to support positive relationships

For our wider community we will:

● Celebrate and develop our profile within our local area and for us to make a positive contribution

● Actively promote our achievements 

● Engage in local, national and international initiatives

● Develop further beneficial links with our community and other institutions