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Apple RTC

The de Ferrers Academy was proud to become The Burton-upon-Trent Apple Regional Training Centre (RTC) in September 2013. The Regional Training Centre programme was born in the UK in 2005 to provide teachers with training, expertise and access to best practice to support their use of Apple technology in the classroom. The programme brings together a wide community of experienced educators and experts who provide free and easy access to Apple’s creative learning technologies through local learning-hubs. 

From October 2016 we will once again be offering a range of exciting courses and workshops for local teachers and education staff, all free. These will be focused on enhancing and transforming Teaching and Learning with Apple technology, including iPad, iPod and iMac.

The Academy has a highly successful 1:1 iPad scheme for all of the students in Years 10 to 13  and all teaching staff and most support staff have their own iPad. The Academy also has 2 Apple Distinguished Educators on its staff and in December 2015 became one of the UK Apple Distinguished Program schools.


Burton-On-Trent RTC: Courses for 2016-2017


You can now book places on the following free courses run by Apple Distinguished Educators and experienced Learning Technologies staff at The de Ferrers Academy.

Courses will usually take place on Trent Campus (DE13 0LL) with refreshments & course materials provided. All these courses are free.

You are welcome to book up to 4 tickets for each event, but can we please ask that you let us know in good time if you have to cancel or can no longer attend an event.


1. Transform productivity & efficiency at work with iPad

17th October 2016      9:00 am - 11:30 am           

Booking ref: RTC1617-1  Click here to book

Find out how to use iPad and (mostly) free apps to improve your efficiency at work, including: document markup, sharing files & notes, animating data & graphs, collating ideas and much more.

Workshop trainers will also show you some tips and ideas from business professionals on how to deliver truly effective presentations and keynotes that will resonate with audiences.

You will learn how to make your iPad become your mobile office.

Delegates will:

  •  Learn how to create successful & persuasive presentations with Keynote
  • Try apps and ideas for developing efficiency
  • Look at a range of cloud storage and collaboration
  • Try some of the new iPad features in the latest iOS release


2. Global learning: world tour with iPad and webtools

24th November 2016         9:00 am -11:30 am         

Booking ref:  RTC1617-2   Click here to book

Experience the wonders of an iPad virtual world tour and live link-ups to another country.

Develop and share ideas on how to use global learning and maps to develop students skills in numeracy, literacy and Science.

Find out how you can make your classroom global and see the benefits of connecting with educators and students around the planet.

Delegates will:

  • Experience the power of Apple Maps for virtual visits
  • Plan a world ‘learning’ tour to use in your classroom
  • Find out how to integrate literacy, numeracy and aspects of STE(A)M into lessons
  • Assess ways to easily collaborate globally with other schools


3. Lights, Camera, action - 360' video and broadcast skills

12th December 2016            1:15 pm  - 4:15 pm      

Booking ref:  RTC1617-3     Click here to book

Experience the amazing tools of 360’ video, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented reality). Find out how to use these tools to develop learning activities and provide students with amazing, immersive experiences in an iPad.

Pick up tips on filming, reporting and storyboarding/shooting videos with ex GMTV reporter and journalist Sarah Jones. Sarah is an Apple Distinguished Educator, and Associate Head of Media at Coventry University. She has previously been an ITV reporter and newsreader and is a global leader in the field of journalism education & immersive video.

Delegates will:

  • Use & assess the best tools for creating video & VR
  • Plan ideas for using 360’ filming & related apps
  • Get first hand tips from an experienced newsreader and film maker


4. Coding in the curriculum (KS1/KS2/KS3)

16th January 2017                1:15 pm - 3:45 pm      

Booking ref:  RTC1617-4   Click here to book

This is a hands-on workshop looking at ideas for developing coding in the KS1/KS2/KS3 curriculum, especially with iPad and free tools and apps, including Swift Playgrounds.

Delegates will be able to play with a variety of tools and devices to allow students to learn coding basics and see the end result of their work in practical applications. We will also look at resources and approaches to make the teaching of coding less intimidating.

Delegates will:

  • Experience some easy ways to introduce coding into the KS1/KS2/KS3 curriculum
  • Try a range of apps to develop literacy & numeracy through coding
  • Get a hands-on preview of Apple’s Playgrounds app for developing coding with Swift
  • Look at some free resources support coding

5. Developing effective leadership of learning technologies (School visit)

17th February 2017                  9:30 am - 3:00pm       

Booking ref:  RTC1617-5           Click here to book

Although many schools are introducing digital devices into their schools, not all of them are getting it right. The de Ferrers Academy is now into the 5th year of a highly successful 1:1 iPad programme getting global recognition. 

This event, for school leaders and e-learning coordinators, will show what a 1:1 iPad schemes looks like in reality. It includes some hands-on experience and a look at real 1:1 lessons that make use of iPad. 

The visit includes free lunch/refreshments and opportunities to talk with staff and students and visit real lessons to see iPad in use in a 1:1 environment.

Delegates will:

  •  Experience a 1:1 iPad ecosystem first hand on a tour
  • Look at models of CPD, digital workflow & AFL in real lesson environments
  • Have help to formulate a 1:1 iPad strategy or pitch
  • Reflect upon success criteria and impact
  • Discover a range of obscure, free resources and websites 
  • Have the chance to chat with staff and students from de Ferrers about how they use iPad, both in and out of lessons 


6. Making Music and Art with iPad

29th March   2017                  1:30 pm - 4:00pm   

Booking ref:   RTC1617-6   Click here to book

Get hands-on with loads of expert tips in how to create Music & Art using an iPad. Dig deeper into using the new features of Garageband and Music Memos to create your own songs, soundtracks and backing music. Experience a range of apps to create and share Art & Music

Look at how digital Art & Music can enhance learning in any curriculum area. The session will suit teachers from any background or subject interested in creating Art & Music, but especially Primary teachers and Art/Music specialists.

Delegates will learn:

  • Practise using a range of free apps to create Music and Art
  • Find out how to use iPad to help develop literacy & numeracy in Art & Music
  • Explore easy ways to share your images and recordings with a global audience
  • Discover how to download some excellent free lesson resources full of ideas


7. Read, Write, Speak - using iPad to develp literacy in English and MFL

3rd May 2017                      1:15 pm -3:45 pm      

Booking ref:  RTC1617-7   Click here to book

In this workshop, you will explore ways to harness the potential of iPad and webtools to develop competence in Reading, Writing and Speaking skills in both English and MFL subjects such as French.

Discover free resources including multitouch books and some of the best apps to encourage collaboration between students.

Learn firsthand from experienced English and MFL teachers and members of The de Ferrers Academy Learning Technology Innovation team

Delegates will learn:

  • Explore & assess several approaches to developing literacy and language skills, through hands-on sessions with iPad and a number of creative apps.
  • Learn how to use multitouch books and a range of common AFL apps.
  • Pick up tips and ideas for instructional design and the best approaches to embedding and using video in everyday learning activities
  • Evaluate lesson plans and ideas for encouraging groupwork


8. STE(A)M and Learning Technologies

3rd July 2017                      9:00 am -1:00 pm      

Booking ref:  RTC1617-8   Click here to book

Almost every year sees a growing demand for jobs involving STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) but also a need for the creative thinking, innovation and critical evaluation of the Arts. This is the key aim of STEAM.

Mobile technology, coding tools and  cheap robots mean that it is now easier than ever to integrate STEM and STEAM and bring the curriculum alive for students.

This is a  hands-on discovery workshop of activities on ways to use technology to incorporating STEM/STEAM into the curriculum

Delegates will learn:

  • Investigate real ways to build STEAM into the curriculum
  • Try some apps and iPad accessories that can help teach STEAM subjects
  • Plan a STEAM lesson and share feedback with colleagues
  • Look at some of the available STE(A)M tools and accessories to enrich lessons


Please view the attachment below for further information.