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The de Ferrers Academy Sixth Form is a thriving and exciting environment in which to study. Students here are able to study in a friendly and supportive environment where we have the highest expectations for all of our students.

Head Team: 2023-2024

Grace Spendlove

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I am Grace and I am the Head Girl! I have been at the Academy since Year 7 and I am now studying PE, Sociology and Psychology. I hope to study law at university with the aim of becoming a lawyer. I am an active volunteer for Burton HOPE, along with being a young person’s ambassador for SARAC. I have represented the academy sports teams countless times, but in my spare time I particularly enjoy playing hockey. My involvement here at de Ferrers has been extremely rewarding, especially leading the law society. I am looking forward to the year ahead and cannot wait to work with the rest of the head team and the student voice representatives to continue to make positive changes to our academy.


Nathan Pocock

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I am Nathan and I am the Head Boy! I am studying Theatre Studies, Media and Geography at Sixth Form and am hoping to study a BA in Acting or Contemporary Performance to pursue a career in the theatre industry. I cannot wait to begin, overseeing all three campuses, working with our Deputy Head Students to maximise the capability of our amazing Student Voice! In my free time, I work within a professional theatre company to produce high-quality productions in the area. My time over the past year at the Sixth Form has been a blast! I’m sure, with the Head Team’s support, this year will be the best ever!


Aleena Zaki

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My name is Aleena and I am a Deputy Head Student; I’ve been at the academy since Year 7 and I now study Biology, Chemistry and Maths, hoping to pursue a career in medicine. I have learnt a lot from co-leading the MedSoc on the Sixth Form campus and hope to continue with this for the rest of the year. When I can, I volunteer at the COVID-19 Vaccination Centre at Pirelli and I really like rock climbing and cycling too! I’m an approachable person so if you ever need anything feel free to come speak to me.


Ben Harper

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I’m Ben and I am a Deputy Head Student. I am studying A Levels in Maths, Physics, and Economics and I hope to pursue a career as an airline pilot after Sixth Form. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano, as well as guitar, and I often contribute to events throughout the year at the academy by performing on the piano. I have also been in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets for five years and flew solo for the first-time last summer - before I learned to drive a car! I am keen to make the academy the best place to be so if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to speak to me.


Fraser Pritchard

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My name is Fraser and I am Deputy Head Student for the Trent campus. I am delighted to have been elected to fulfil this role. For my GCSEs I picked Economics and Computer Science which has become my favourite subject. Outside of the academy I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I look forward to representing our campus and addressing any issues you have during your time here! If you have any concerns feel free to speak to myself and the head team will try to resolve it.


Hannah Edwards

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I’m Hannah and I am a Deputy Head Student for Trent Campus! My favourite subjects are English and Maths and outside of school I enjoy going for long walks with my dog and spending time with friends. I love listening to music and my favourite artist is Taylor Swift. I also hope to go on to attend the Sixth Form Campus after my GCSEs. I’m so excited to be a part of the Head Team this year and to make a difference around the academy. Feel free to speak to me anytime if you have any issues!


Maryam Qureshi

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My name is Maryam! My favourite subjects are: Art, English and PE. Some of my interests are travelling, exploring new things and spending time with family and friends. I am a Deputy Head Student (Dove campus). If any issues occur on the campus you are free to talk to me and I'll be happy to help with any problems. When meetings are held we have a group discussion with the rest of the Head Team to find a way to solve any issues around the campus. We hope to have a positive impact on the academy making school a happy and safe environment for all students because everyone should enjoy going to school. 


Sophie Guy

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My name is Sophie and I am the Deputy Head Student for Dove Campus. My favourite subjects are Art, PE and Design Tech. I love sports and being creative, I also like English, History and Maths. My interests are cycling and Art / DT projects. I am part of the Art Club and enjoy going with my friends and working on the projects. My accomplishments are winning the Attitude to Learning award, getting Principal’s award and Deputy Head Student for Dove. The reason why I wanted to be Deputy Head Student is that I wanted to make de Ferrers a better place where people can feel safe and happy.









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Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
There has been some SERIOUS revision taking place across the campus today! It’s wonderful to see so many Year 13 students revising collaboratively during their non-contact time! You guys are smashing it!!! pic.twitter.com/gUBBzIud9C— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () May 10, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
Congratulations to our newest members of the 200 club! They have worked hard, been kind and chosen wisely to achieve 200 recognition points! Well done all! 💜 pic.twitter.com/eLxzlfPhbS— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () May 10, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
We’ve had an amazing week in Italy with an awesome bunch of students! It’s been non-stop singing, skiing and eating pizza! We’re now on our way home for some non-stop sleep 🙏! pic.twitter.com/SNj82B37bW— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 29, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
This year’s winners of the legendary ski trip quiz night 🙌 the revision really did pay off! 🤣 pic.twitter.com/SnjzyWn8Y5— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 28, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
Day 3 on the slopes and it’s not stopped snowing all day in Cermis! ⛄️ pic.twitter.com/x5IYxoKQSl— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 27, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
All set for day 2 on the slopes! ⛷️ pic.twitter.com/ntnzCo20u7— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 26, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
What a cracking day! 🎿 pic.twitter.com/5DSZuQrC9p— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 26, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
What a cracking day! ⛷️ pic.twitter.com/NuJXYzk7OF— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 26, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
And we’re off! Ski Italy 2024…..HERE WE COME! 🇮🇹 🎿 pic.twitter.com/1x3wvnx1Wt— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 23, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
It was great to see so many sixth form students and their families at our first Iftar event 🌙 pic.twitter.com/XwFrdwTqIj— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 21, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
Tonight’s offer holder event has been an absolute blast! We’re incredibly proud of our small army of sixth form students who put on an awesome night for our offer holders! We can’t wait until induction week! pic.twitter.com/ktwSAkB73E— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 20, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
Grace and Nathan will be announcing their Yr12/13 ‘most egg-cellent student’ award winners each day this week…..is could be you!! pic.twitter.com/iK0oMTmDWp— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 17, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
The umbrella is out! This can only mean one thing - our head students are on tour! Today they went to Granville to meet up with the student leadership team pic.twitter.com/m4Eq000dvZ— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 16, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
Well done to our BTEC Business students for hosting ‘de Ferrers Fortunes’ as part of their event planning unit. I believe the staff have requested a rematch! 🤣 pic.twitter.com/F4Rp8tUxaR— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 15, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
We’re looking forward to welcoming our offer holders to the campus next week! If you’ve not booked your welcome presentation please get booked on asap! pic.twitter.com/SPuCjNQMQp— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 14, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
pic.twitter.com/9idtlTiHf1— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () March 4, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
What a great week! Love, friendship and kindness week 2024 💜💚💜 pic.twitter.com/zsKvDXed0H— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () February 9, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
An awesome power ballads themed open mic session for love, friendship and kindness week 💜💚💜. Thanks to the wonderful Mrs Beardsley for organizing! 🎤 🎶 pic.twitter.com/X7runKYaRS— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () February 9, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
Love, friendship and kindness week 2024 💜💚💜 pic.twitter.com/2jaJx4S2cS— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () February 9, 2024
Twitter / @deFerrers_6th
It’s love, friendship and kindness week on the sixth form campus 💜 We’ve had some heart themed craft on the go, along with our healthy relationships coffee morning with our friends from and 💚 pic.twitter.com/d2bex7CfXt— The Sixth Form @ de Ferrers () February 7, 2024
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