On this page, you can find information for parents & guardians about our 1:1 iPad programme, including letters and our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

By reducing traditional ICT spending the Academy has been able to provide all students in Year 9 - Year 13 with their own iPad to use , for just £1.50 or £1.63 per school week (£60/£65 per year). Students that receive Free School Meals will not need to pay, as we will fund this amount from Pupil premium money for them. Payments are already set up on Wisepay as one sum or two instalments.  Students will be given the option to buy the device outright at the end of Y11 or Y13 for residual market value after which time they can wipe it and use their own Apple IDs.

UPDATES: June 2021

For September 2021, we will finally be expanding our 1:1 IPad programme to cover all Y7 and Y8 students as well. Y8 and Y9 will receive their iPads at the start of term, Y7 will receive their iPads in mid-late September, as few weeks after they start.  The cost will increase slightly to £68 bit student iPads will also now have an intelligent Lightspeed 'agent' profile that can provide enhanced monitoring and filtering on campus and out of school, as part of safeguarding.

Students will be provided with a 32GB Education iPad, a case, a stylus, various apps and we will create a managed Apple ID with 200GB of free iCloud storage. All internet access is  filtered in and out of the academy. Students that have good behaviour and committent will be provided with access to additional apps in the self-service apps store.

Students do find the iPad incredibly useful and we are continuing to develop our digital resources for them to access and use. You can find out more in the movie clip below:


UPDATES: May 2021

 General Reminder: Y11 students not applying to our sixth form will need to either pay for their iPad to keep it or hand it in by Friday 28th May. Thank you.


The Academy will allow student to use the device for their time at The Academy and provides a case and covers accidental damage / theft (however, if a student repeatedly breaks the glass or damages it through deliberate neglect, then they make be asked to pay for the cost of repairs). 

Students may be able to obtain a replacement lead if it stops working within the first 12 months - see Mr Hughes. However, we will not provide replacement leads for students that do not look after them adequately.


Both within the Academy and at home, student are expected to follow the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that forms part of the agreement.

Within the Academy and offsite, web access is monitored and filtered. However, we do expect students to also develop responsible online habits outside of school.

We use a Mobile Device Management system (Lightspeed) to manage each device and install suitable age-related restrictions. Where a student violates the AUP, we will change the user profile to restrict access to certain functions (such as the App store, camera, etc).

If parents/guardians would like additional restrictions applying to their son/daughter's iPad, then please contact the relevant Head of Year/Support & Guidance team and we can facilitate this quite easily.


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