Attendance at The de Ferrers Academy

The Academy’s Attendance Team is made up of general clerical assistants, the assistant heads of year for each year team and the Education Welfare officerand as a team our main role is to encourage and promote excellent attendance amongst each and every student.

The attendance team on each site are key to ensuring your child is present at the Academy and safe.  Their role is to closely monitor hourly register marks, identify any inconsistencies in present or absent marks and act upon these promptly.

The team should be informed of all absences before the start of each Academy day either via classcharts or telephone call to the academy. Any absences that are not accounted for are followed up with a text message or a personal telephone call.

Please see the link opposite regarding reporting absences to the Academy and please note that if an absence is not explained by either a letter or telephone call within five days, then the absence will be unauthorised.

Education Welfare Officer

The EWO works closely with a small number of students whose attendance has been highlighted as a concern.  This support may include parental meetings, home visits, telephone consultations or signposting etc.

The EWO is also responsible for processing all requests for leave and liaises regularly with the Local Authority.  The new Staffordshire County Council code of conduct in relation to leave requests is accessible by following the ‘Leave request’ link opposite. 

Please be aware that it is the Local Authority that issues Fixed Penalty Notices and not the Academy.

In all possible circumstances, students should attend the academy. If a student is unwell then they need to ask their class teacher to allow them a pass to the nurse who can then advise whether the student needs to go home. Under NO circumstances should students be making this communication themselves to be collected to go home.

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