Study Skills and Exams

Success at KS5 depends on your habits, routines, attitudes and approaches to study. It is your behaviours, not your intelligence, that determine your results. VESPA (which stands for Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice and Attitude) is a mindset that will help improve your success. Students who are successful:

  • Know what they want to achieve (VISION)
  • Complete many hours of independent study (EFFORT)
  • Organise their learning resources and their time (SYSTEMS)
  • Practice and develop their skills (PRACTICE)
  • Respond constructively to challenge (ATTITUDE)

During the first half term all sixth form students are introduced to the VESPA model through weekly Enrichment sessions. We firmly believe these qualities underpin success at KS5. 

During timetabled Enrichment sessions we also look at effective study skills and preparation for exams. We encourage students to see preparation for exams as an ongoing process of retrieval and practice rather than intensive cramming prior to an exam period.  

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