Uniform Guidance

The wearing of uniform plays an important role in establishing the identity and ethos of the academy. It contributes to positive behaviour, instils pride in the academy and encourages identity both within the academy and the local community. As a result, students are expected to maintain the high standards of uniform both on their way to and from school when representing the academy in the local community. Students should wear their uniform with pride and it is expected that our standards and expectations are supported by parents and carers.

This academy uniform and PE kit guidance applies to all students in Years 7-11. Please see separate guidance for uniform in our Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13).

All items of uniform and PE kit are available from the uniform suppliers listed at the end of this document.





The items listed below are only available from the official uniform suppliers

Academy blazer

Bottle Green featuring the academy logo.


As appropriate for the different campus:

Dove - Green and white stripes

Trent - Green with academy badge and single white line

Uniform items available from other retailers

Shirt / Blouse

Plain white with a formal collar. Short or long sleeve styles are acceptable, but they must be long enough to be tucked into the waistband of skirt or trousers at all times. Top button must be fastened.


Plain black - full length, formal style, with pockets

Trousers should not be tight fitting and ankles should not be shown.

Jeans, leggings and jeggings are not allowed.

For further guidance see pictures below.


Plain black, pleated skirt. 

A bottle green kameez can be worn (with shirt collar and tie visible).

Socks / Tights

Plain black socks or tights (not patterned).


Plain black, leather style school shoes only with no logo. Trainers or trainer style shoes (often displayed in the school shoe section of shops) are not permitted. 

Heels are not permitted.

Plain black, flat boots may be worn underneath trousers between October and February half term.

For further guidance see pictures below.


Plain black, traditional style buckle only if a belt is worn.


Must be worn in the relevant colour at all times, along with ID badge and card holder.

(These will be distributed to Year 7 at the start of term in September)


Plain black or bottle green.

If you are unsure about any of the uniform guidance above, please contact the academy before making any purchases. Please ensure all uniform items are named.

PE Kit

The PE faculty is proud of our kit that students wear both in lessons and when representing the academy in competitions and fixtures. It ensures there are no health and safety concerns and provides durable, practical kit for all students. All items should be named.



Compulsory items - available only from the official uniform suppliers.


Black / green round neck t-shirt with academy logo.

Shorts or Skort

Black / green with academy logo.

Knee length socks

Black with green top.

Compulsory items - available from other uniform suppliers.

Sports trainers

Not fashion trainers, non marking soles.

White socks

Plain white ankle / trainer socks.

Shin pads

For football and hockey lessons.

Gum Shield

For rugby and hockey lessons.

Football boots

For football and rugby lessons.

Optional items - available only from the official uniform suppliers.

1/4 zip top Black / green with academy logo.
Training trousers Black with academy logo.

Rugby Shirt

Reversible - black and bottle green without logo.


Black with white piping and academy logo.

Optional items - available only from other uniform suppliers.

Base layer

Plain black base layer can be worn under the PE kit when outside in cold conditions. Students are permitted to wear plain black leggings under their skort/shorts. No logos should be visible.


If you are unsure about any of the uniform guidance above, please contact the academy before making any purchases. Please ensure all uniform items are named.

Uniform Stockists

My Uniform Limited

82 Wellington Street, Burton-on Trent, DE14 2DS. 

Tel: 01283 619224



Pupils School Wear

35 West Street, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9DN

Tel: 01283 224512



WB Schoolwear

20 Bells End Road, Walton-on-Trent, Derbyshire DE12 8ND

Tel: 01283 711538



Preloved Uniform

Children grow so fast that they often grow out of uniform items quickly, which can be costly
to both families and the environment. Nationally 1.4 million wearable school uniforms are thrown away each year, but at de Ferrers we have a preloved uniform bank (including PE kit) which we would love to see
utilised more.


We have loads of uniform in stock - more than I can currently store, so it would be great to sell a bit more of it.

Uniform Expectations

The de Ferrers Academy has some simple expectations regarding presentation and uniform standards. All students are expected to follow these expectations consistently at all times:

  • The academy blazer should be worn at all times around the academy.

  • Shirts should remain tucked in and top buttons fastened at all times.

  • Ties should be tied up to the collar and of a suitable length. The Dove tie should have a minimum of 5 white stripes showing.

  • The wearing of suitable outdoor coats is encouraged in the winter months. Coats may be worn in the school building but taken off as soon as a classroom / hall is entered.

  • Hoods must be down at all times inside the building.

  • When wearing a coat, students must wear their academy blazer underneath.

  • A suitable school bag large enough to carry exercise books and equipment is required.

  • Extremes of fashion relating to any item of clothing, hairstyle or appearance will not be permitted. No fashion branded clothing or accessories are permitted.

  • Hoodies / sweatshirts are not permitted in the academy and will be confiscated.

  • Any uniform infringements will be sanctioned in line with the behaviour policy.


  • Students are required to keep their hair colour natural.

  • Extreme haircuts, including undercuts, tramlines and cuts below grade 1 are not permitted.

  • Consideration should be made regarding this during holidays to ensure hair styles meet the guidance on students’ return.

Make up

  • Students are permitted to wear make up of a modest nature.. 

  • Long nails are not permitted.

  • Eyelash extensions or stick on eyelashes are not permitted.


  • Small, earings are permitted in the lower lobes. Any other piercings (including nose studs) are not permitted.

  • Students may wear a wristwatch.

  • One plain ring may be worn on each hand.

  • Bracelets, necklaces and neck chains should not be visible.

  • All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons and consideration should therefore be given as to when ears are pierced.

  • The academy reserves the right to request that students remove jewellery which we believe could cause injury to the students or others. Any jewellery worn to school is done so at the owner’s risk.

Scarves, hats and gloves

  • These are permitted but should not be worn anywhere inside the building.


Acceptable footwear 



Unacceptable footwear 




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