CCF Combined Cadet Force

The Combined Cadet Force is an organisation funded and run by the MOD. The de Ferrers Academy is one of over 400 schools to be a part of this Association. In Year 8 each child will have the opportunity to join the CCF, however, students from older years can join too. In the cadets we teach many different skills, the main ones being: Discipline, Teamwork and Determination. 

We currently have over 40 Cadets enrolled in the CCF, they’ve taken part in many activities such as rifle shooting, command tasks and teaching lessons. The CCF has so many opportunities, promotion to higher ranks, meeting new friends, learning new skills and even going on international trips! 

In the words of our cadets: 

Cadets teach me structure, discipline, the ability to learn new tasks and the confidence to obtain new skills. 

Cadets have helped me make lots of new friends and learn a lot of things, and I have fun every week. 

I love doing activities that I wouldn’t have been able to do before joining cadets. 

We meet once a week on Dove Campus at 4 pm - 6 pm however the year has many different activities your child can take part in.

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