Year 11 (GCSE)

Students at de Ferrers once again celebrated record Y11 results - 66% achieved 5 A*-C grades including English & Maths.

19 students achieved 10 or more A/A* grades with Callum Bullock becoming the first student at The de Ferrers Academy to receive 13 A* grades.

Results at The de Ferrers Academy continue to increase at a much faster rate than the national average for England (13.2% above for % of stduents achieving % A*-C grades including English & Maths), against a backdrop of massive curriculum and policy change.

Another really positive figure is the performance of our Pupil Premium students. CtG is a term used for our Pupil Premium students to 'Close The Gap' on the National Average for 'All' students (PP and non PP)

As you can see from our results in 2015 for the main headline measure of % of students achieving 5 or more A* - C grades including English & Maths, we have not only 'Closed The Gap' we have shut the door completely, with The de Ferrers Academy PP cohort outperforming the National average for allstudents. 


Headline figures

National all

de Ferrers (PP students only)

de Ferrers (all students)

% 5 A*-C grades inc English/Maths




% Ebacc







Year 13 (A level)

Students at de Ferrers celebrate as they receive outstanding A-Level results

Steve Allen, Principal said that all performance indicators show an improvement on the 2014 results.  “These are wonderful results, made possible by fantastic colleagues and committed students who deserve their success.” 

Ali Bickle, Senior Vice Principal commented, “There has been a tremendous amount of hard work from students and staff alike.  They have been supported by a dedicated Support and Guidance team and we are all extremely proud of their efforts.  We wish them luck in their future pathways.”

Hannah Roberts the Director of Support and Guidance KS5/Shadow Assistant Principal had this to say:-  “Our students have high aspirations and have worked exceptionally hard to secure places at the most competitive universities in the country.  This year we have seen an impressive increase in students achieving the highest grades.”

In terms of pass rates, we were once again above the national average at A2 (99.3% vs 98.7% nationally) and significantly above the national average at AS (94.1% vs 87.5% nationally). Our total points per student was also well above the national average at 773.9 versus 766.6 nationally.

The summary below lists just a few of our high achievers.

Raisah Rafiq        560 points        1 x A*, 1 x A, 3 x B

Lucy Roach        480 points        1 x A*, 1 x D*, 2 x A

Yasmin Dhuga    440 points        1 x A*, 3 x A

Maireen Akhtar    420 points        2 x A, 1 x B, 1 x C

Jacob Collier        420 points        2 x A, 1 x B, 1 x C

Rawja Ibrahim    420 points        3 x A

Victoria Haward    400 points        2 x A*, 1 x A

Oliver Jones        400 points        2 x A*, 1 x A

Caitlin Kemp        400 points        2 x A*, 1 x A

James Richards    380 points        2 x A*, 1 x A

Connor Allen        360 points        3 x A

Cameron Dinnie    360 points        3 x A

Johnny Draisey    360 points        1 x A*, 1 x A, 1 x B

Phoebe Hinds    360 points        1 x A*, 1 x A, 1 x B

Tiffany Hionas    340 points        2 x A, 1 x B