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Catering & online payments

On-line Payments (WisePay) and Catering

At the de Ferrers Academy we ask that all payments for Academy activities are made on-line rather than with cash or cheques. Please use the Quick Link on this page to access the Wise Pay system.


Having problems accessing WisePay?

Please email us at

Update 21st April 2021:

We are delighted to announce that our academy has been included in a pilot for the introduction of Apple Pay and Google Pay as new payment options at checkout with WisePay.

Free School Meals

We are aware that some parents do not claim their entitlement to Free School Meals - but did you know that the Academy receives funding based on the number of students on Free School Meals? So if you do not claim your entitlement, then the Academy loses money.
The Academy uses Cashless Catering, so students on Free School Meals automatically get an allowance of £2.45 a day on their student card, which they can use to buy a freshly made sandwich or hot meal of their choice, with a drink and pudding. They use their student cards at the tills in exactly the same way as every other student, so other students are not aware that they are entitled to Free School Meals.
If you are unemployed or receive income support then your child is entitled to Free School Meals - please use the Staffordshire County Council website to make a claim:


Catering and Student ID cards

For more information on Caterlink, including the menu options available at de Ferrers, please see the quick link on this page.

Biosys means less time spent handling cash. Each student has been provided with a lanyard in their house colour, a card holder and a proximity card registered in their name. The student’s name and photo has been printed on the card, to prevent its unauthorised use. The lanyard and ID card are part of the Academy’s uniform, and must be worn by all students.

Students must use their card to pay for purchases from the dining rooms. The proximity cards will be issued free to students, to attach to their House lanyard. Lost or damaged cards / lanyards will have to be replaced at a cost of £3 each.

Students entitled to Free School Meals have an identical card which will automatically be updated with the daily meal allowance of £2.45 (this will cover the meal deal). They can also place additional money onto their card, which will be kept in a separate area called “Own Purse”. The daily meal allowance will always be used before taking any money from the “Own Purse” area.

The 'meal deal' is currently £2.45.


When you make a payment for meals using WisePay, that payment will automatically update the card, so that your son / daughter can pay for their food without cash. Cards can also be topped up in the dining rooms at breakfast service (before 8:50 am) and using pay stations located in the main corridors on both sites.

It is your responsibility to make sure your son/daughter has enough money on their card to pay for their meal. Unfortunately we cannot allow students to “go overdrawn” on their account.

As soon as a card is reported lost or stolen the card can be “hot listed” in the system to prevent its unauthorised use, and any outstanding balance on the card will automatically be transferred to a new card.

The advantages of cashless catering to you as parents are as follows:

• For Year 7 – 11 students there is a daily maximum spend of £5, so you can add money to the card for any period of time, instead of having to find cash every day. There is no daily limit for Year 12 and 13 students; 

• More secure than cash, as funds on lost cards can be transferred to replacement cards; 

• Re-assurance that dinner money is being spent in The Academy dining room, not elsewhere; 

• Your account balance is available online, and you can see what your son / daughter has bought in the dining room.