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All students at the Academy follow a broad and balanced curriculum, giving them a rich variety of experiences in each Key Stage.

If you require any additional information, please contact:

Greg Hughes (Vice Principal - Learning Technologies & Curriculum)



Students at the Academy follow a 2-year Key Stage 3 program in Y7 and Y8.

(a) Year 7:

English (4h), Maths (3h), Science (3h), DT (2h), PE (2h), French (3h), History (1h), Geography (1h), Art (1h), Drama (1h), Music (1h), Values (2h), ICT (1h). 

(b) Year 8:

English (4h), Maths (3h), Science (3h), DT (3h), PE (2h), French (3h), History (1h), Geography (1h), RS (1h), Art (1h), Drama (1h), Music (1h), Citizenship (1h), ICT (1h).

Some students in Year 7 and Year 8 that require extra support will have more flexible timetables and sessions in the Closing The Gap centre, allowing them to benefit from additional Literacy and Numeracy lessons.


Students in current Year 9 begin to study or prepare for key GCSE subjects and choose their options after Christmas, as part of the Pathways process. There is an increased focus on subjects that form the English Baccalaureate. 
Most Year 9 students will also choose to focus on 1 Humanity subject (Geography or History) and 2 out of 3 Creative Arts subjects (Art/Music/Drama), allowing them to develop their subject knowledge and skills in greater depth.
This year, students in the current Year 8 chose their broader KS4 options in Spring. For 2018, Year 9 students also get to choose from a wide range of options and introductory courses to subjects.

(a) Year 9: 

Sets 1 to 4:

English (3h), Maths (4h), Science (3h), DT (2h), PE (2h), French (3h), History OR Geography (3h), Values (2h), Art/Music/Drama - choose 2 out of 3 (2h), ICT (1h).

Sets 5 to 6:

English (3h), Maths (4h), Science (3h), DT (2h), PE (2h), History (3h), Geography (3h), Values & RS (2h), Art/Music/Drama - choose 2 out of 3 (2h), ICT (1h).

Set 7:

English (5h), Maths (5h), Science (3h), DT (2h), PE (2h), Humanities (3h), Values & RS (2h), Art/Music/Drama - choose 2 out of 3 (2h), ICT (1h).

(b) Years 10/11: 

All students currently follow a core of: English (4h), Maths (5h), Science (5h), PE (1h), Values (1h). 

Students may study GCSE English Literature & GCSE English Language, GCSE Mathematics and either GCSE Combined Science or Triple Science (GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics) - the additional component for Triple Science will be taught to set 1 students in Year 11.

Students also study some additional option subjects (3h each), depending upon their pathway. A wide variety of GCSE and vocational option choices are available:

GCSE History

GCSE Art & Design

GCSE Geography

BTEC Art & Design

GCSE Business Studies

GCSE Drama


GCSE Music

GCSE Food preparation & Nutrition

GCSE French

GCSE DT: Textiles route

CACHE Child Development

GCSE DT: Graphics route

CNAT/BTEC Health & Social Care

GCSE DT: All materials route

GCSE Economics

GCSE Computer Science

CNAT Enterprise & Marketing

CNAT Information & Creative Technology

GCSE Media

GCSE Religious Studies


Most students will take an MFL subject and History or Geography, some students do not have to choose an MFL option, but will choose  an additional option.

A small number of students may take less options and instead spend additional time on Work Related Learning, Vocational skills, etc.


Students in the sixth form will choose 3 (occasionally 4) subjects from a wide list of traditional and applied A level courses, as well as vocational options:

  • A level English Language
  • A level English Literature
  • A level Mathematics (Statistics or Mechanics)
  • A level Further Mathematics
  • A level Biology
  • A level Chemistry
  • A level Physics
  • CTEC Lab Skills (level 3)
  • A level French **
  • A level DT (this will usually be 2 out of 3 options from Food, Textiles or Product Design) **
  • A level History
  • A Level Geography
  • A level Sociology
  • A level Psychology
  • A level PE
  • A level Art & Design
  • BTEC Art & Design (level 3 – double option)
  • A level Photography
  • A level Theatre Studies **
  • A level Philosophy & Ethics
  • A level Politics
  • A level Business Studies
  • A level ICT
  • A level Applied ICT
  • BTEC Creative Media (level 3)
  • CTEC Health & Social (single Introductory Diploma or double Technical Diploma)

Please note – all A levels run as full 2 year courses (no AS courses).

Each subject is timetabled for 5 hours per week, with additional time identified for enhancement (PE, mentoring, skill development). 

Some sixth form students will also take examinations in AS Critical Thinking. Additionally, some students may choose to take an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).